1995: Formed and became the pillar of the popular band MISCREANT INVOCATION, which played to live audiences in the Tokyo area. The band released four demo tracks which were later included in a compilation album. Disc Union, the famed music outlet, labelled the sounds, Melancholic Death Metal giving the tunes a cult following .

1997: The band was renamed Scarlet Garden. The new name accompanied a new sound – there were more melodies with flashbacks to Brutal Death Metal beats. There were more original songs, more gigs and their energetic following swelled even further.

1998: Thunder on drums and Kelly Simonz on Guitar joined the band and together the bigger and better group recorded three new three demo songs, which resulted in a three album record deal with German label, INVASION RECORDS.

1999: The album was successfully completed, but INVASION RECORDS was bankrupted and the band lost its deal.

2002: Guitarist Ken left the band and joined Bereaved.

2004:Voyan joined the band, giving new energy and aspects to the band.

2005: Bass guitarist, Hiro joined the band and together Scarlet Garden starting performing live to old fans and new converts. More songs were recorded.

2007: Guitarist Voyan left the band and former student of Kelly, Hideki joins.

2008: Released EP Decade of Decadence and started doing gigs in Tokyo and Osaka. Also, dedicated one song to the compilation album Samurai Metal Vol. 4.

2011: Preparing for recording an album and performing gigs.

2016: Guitalist Hideki left the band.

2018: Guitarist Ken came back to the band. Naoto joined the band.